Yesterday was a beautiful, Pacific Northwest November day. The sky was a clear blue, the ground dry, and most importantly — it wasn’t too cold. Clear Creek Hot Springs (near the town of Harrison Hot Springs) is an area that I’ve heard much about, but never had a chance to explore. It’s at the end of a very rough road, about 55 kilometers from town, with about 48km of it on a service road. The last 12km are particularly rough, only to be attempted with a 4-wheel drive vehicle with decent clearance.

The hottest tub!

The hottest tub!

Most of what I’ve read, is about how poorly maintained this spring is. Yes, there was some garbage scattered about, but overall it was in far better condition than I was expecting! I’m told I was lucky, and volunteers come up and contribute when they can.

Fortunately, we had the entire area to ourselves for this visit. There are 4 tubs in total, each with varying levels of heat intensity. The clean water was flowing and draining from each of the tubs, and it had minimal sulfuric smell.

Old barrel-style tub

Old barrel-style tub.

There are a couple sites for camping here, but beware: locals are known for riding ATV’s in this area and getting rowdy. If you’re prepared to deal with that (and have a decent vehicle) you’re in for a real treat.

Of course, like all off-grid sites, be sure to pack out what you bring in. It never hurts to bring an extra bag, and pick up some of the other trash too.

Directions can be found all over the internet, so I’m not going to post them here. Happy hot spring-ing!