Once again, there seems to be general disinterest from young people as Vancouver approaches another municipal election.

Municipal voter turnout for the Vancouver election in 2011 was a dismal 34.57%. I would be pleasantly surprised if it was significantly higher this time around, but somehow doubt it will be.

Vision continues to be the most aggressive and well funded party, and has overly enthusiastic canvassers working the local neighbourhood streets. On the other hand, rival party NPA is also well-funded but virtually absent from the communities. Neither party seems to represent my interests.

COPE has a much more interesting platform, and a diverse array of candidates, but sadly they just aren’t polished enough to be taken seriously by the mainstream.

Some of the other more fringe parties include OneCity, Cedar Party, etc…but I’m not going to go into them here.

Anyway, it’s important to vote for the candidates we desire, since ultimately we’re not voting for the parties themselves.

Here’s my picks for the upcoming election:

Meena Wong (COPE)

(However, this is a very close race between Vision’s incumbent Gregor Roberton and NPA’s Kirk LaPointe. Meena Wong has almost no real shot at winning, so if you are strategically voting – I’d cast one to Gregor Robertson.)

RJ Aquino (OneCity)
Cleta Brown (Green)
Elizabeth Ball (NPA)
Adriane Carr (Green)
Pete Fry (Green)
Gayle Gavin (COPE)
Keith Higgins (COPE)
Lena Ling (Independent)
Andrea Reimer (Vision)
Niki Sharma (Vision)

Park Commissioner
Jenny De Castris (Independent)
Catherine Evans (Vision)
Eleanor Hadley (Independent – if nothing else, this woman is 93 years old!)
Trevor Loke (Vision)
Stuart MacKinnon (Green)
Coree Tull (Vision)
Michael Wiebe (Green)